Seminar Details

We will discuss the need for benchmarking and how to implement the conclusions of its results. We will look on the techniques used in benchmarking a business and its competitors. Discuss how to identify a set of criteria for the business to be measured against, how to weight each of these criteria and how to extract objective opinion to give meaning to the results. <<Back

Business Monitoring
We will discuss the benefits of daily business monitoring, the techniques used and how it impacts a business. We will discuss how to identify key business measures, define a visible and usable format and discuss possible actions, together with the likely results.<<Back

Marketing your business in the modern economy
The presentation will discuss the most effective marketing media in the modern economy. It will discuss what customers expect from a forward thinking supplier, the costs involved and how to convince your customers that you are here for the duration. <<Back

Interim Management in Business
We will look at the Interim Management Market, the type of client it serves and the expectations of its performance. We will look at typical assignments together with costs and the pitfalls. Finally we will look at how to select and appoint an interim manager making sure that they really do improve the value of your business. <<Back

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