Seminar Details

Improving the margins
Looks at techniques to improve the business margins both gross and net. We discuss two examples of margin improvement that have proved successful in a product and service business. <<Back

Price Positioning
Discusses the need to establish the real market price for products and services. Then looks at how to position pricing taking into account the benefits over the competition. <<Back

Supplier negotiations
We look at the need to manage suppliers proactively ensuring that the best deal is being achieved. We analyse the risks involved in single sourcing and suggest practices to improve margins and reduce risk. <<Back

Interim Management in Business
We will look at the Interim Management Market, the type of client it serves and the expectations of its performance. We will look at typical assignments together with costs and the pitfalls. Finally we will look at how to select and appoint an interim manager making sure that they really do improve the value of your business. <<Back

The Rockfield Partnership
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