Seminar Details

Brand development
Looks at how to asses the value of a brand and understand what influences that value. We then identify a number of key "do's & don'ts" in brand development. We also discuss the need to plan the growth of a brand. <<Back

Staff motivation and rewards
Looks at how to get the best from your staff and how to reward them accordingly. It looks at the factors that influence motivation and how to avoid demotivating a business through bad news. <<Back

The Impact of the Euro on your business
A hot topic currently, this presentation discusses how the Euro might affect your business. It discusses positive actions that you can take to make sure your business is prepared for the currency and how to deal with European customers who wish to deal in Euro. <<Back

Why employ Consultants ?
We will discuss the consultancy market, where it adds value and whether the advice it gives is truly beneficial to business. We will look at some examples of successful consultant involvement and discuss acceptable fees for work required. <<Back

The Rockfield Partnership
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